Payment Error Rate Measurement (PERM)

Myers and Stauffer assisted its clients with PERM projects since the beginning of the payment accuracy measurement (PAM) program in 2001. As part of the PAM and PERM pilots, Myers and Stauffer conducted eligibility reviews for five state Medicaid programs and assisted these clients in meeting the federal PERM requirements, as well as identified opportunities to improve programs and save scarce program resources.

Myers and Stauffer offers the following services:

  • Prepare sampling plans.
  • Stratify data into the appropriate PERM universes.
  • Identify and validate PERM samples.
  • Submit PERM samples to CMS.
  • Collect and/or prepare eligibility records and source documentation.
  • Maintain HIPAA secure documentation and state payment data.
  • Audit, track and manage selected cases.
  • Interact with recipients and collateral information sources, as necessary.
  • Accept recipient inquiries through a dedicated PERM toll-free number.
  • Prepare all CMS required reports and updates.
  • Prepare corrective action plans, observations and recommendations to improve eligibility policies and procedures.

All states are required by CMS to participate in PERM reviews. Myers and Stauffer assists states in meeting these requirements and identifying important quality improvements. Opportunities to improve the current systems and processes are identified and evaluated so any potential system or policy vulnerabilities can be corrected, and more importantly, so states can most efficiently use limited resources.

To discuss how Myers and Stauffer can assist your state Medicaid or SCHIP program fulfill PERM requirements, contact Jared Duzan, Principal,, or Barb Vance, PERM Operations Manager,, or by phone at (800) 877-6927.


Myers and Stauffer was recognized by CMS for best practice standards for EHR audits.