Section 17 - 311 (1-209)

Cost Related Reimbursement System for Long-Term Care Facilities

Section 17 - 313b (1-18)

Establishment of Rates for Community Living Arrangements Licensed by the Department of Mental Retardation

Section 17b - 244

Payments to Private Facilities Providing Functional or Vocational Services for Severely Handicapped Persons and Payments for Residential Care. Establishment of Rate. Community Living Arrangements (CLA)

Section 17b (262-311)

Requirements for Payment of Services Provided by Intermediate Care Facilities for the Mentally Retarded (ICFs/MR)

Section 17b - 340

Rates of payment to nursing homes, chronic disease hospitals associated with chronic and convalescent homes, rest homes with nursing supervision, residential care homes and residential facilities for the mentally retarded

Section 17 - 2(140-145)

Title XIX (Medicaid) Recipient’s Personal Allowance in a nursing facility, intermediate care facility for the mentally retarded (ICF/MR), Chronic Disease Facility or Mental Health Facility



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