Performance Auditing Services

A performance audit can provide an objective assessment of your organization's program performance. At Myers and Stauffer, our professionals utilize effective, customized audit and evaluation techniques to examine the achievement of desired results; effectiveness of programs, activities and functions; compliance with laws and regulations; and the economy and efficiency with which resources are acquired and used. Other benefits of a performance audit include:

  • Demonstrating oversight and accountability for stewardship purposes
  • Recognizing the need for and effectively managing change
  • Enhancing the technical capability of existing program staff
  • Benchmarking to identify "best practices" that can be used to enhance existing government programs and improve organizational performance

The financial and service enhancement impact gained from a performance audit will often provide a return that is many times greater than the cost.

We tailor each performance audit to your unique needs and objectives. When appropriate, we follow Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards developed by the Government Accountability Office (Yellow Book Standards) to ensure that comprehensive audit procedures are followed, and sufficient competent evidence is gathered to fully support all conclusions. These standards give public sector organizations the reliability needed to effectively enhance accountability and promote change in today's public information environment.

Myers and Stauffer has the reputation of being professional, knowledgeable, courteous and timely with its projects.