Not your typical accounting firm

When you think of an accounting firm, you may picture red-eyed employees hunched over their computers amid piles of financial statements and tax returns. You probably don’t imagine a place where young and experienced professionals alike are assisting state and federal government agencies with their health and social programs. Where professionals help their clients make real and impactful policy decisions. Where staff members investigate health care providers for evidence of fraud and abuse or where accountants work side by side with pharmacists, nurses, medical directors and attorneys.

At Myers and Stauffer, our practice stretches from audits of rural health clinics to investigations of child welfare programs. We use our auditing and accounting skills to help our state clients better manage their government-run health and social programs.

We take to heart the mission at the core of what state Medicaid programs and other government health and social programs deliver: affordable, accessible care for our most vulnerable citizens.

Rewards commensurate with efforts

We believe in rewarding good work. Our organization has a well-defined path to leadership – from the entry level staff accountant or analyst all the way to the partners on the executive committee. We believe in hard work and a personal life.

Our clients compliment us on our responsiveness, our integrity, our honesty and the quality of our work products. We are proud of who we are and the company we’ve built together over the past 35 years.

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Work for a company where hard work is rewarded – and your career path is limitless.